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1. Bow as you enter and leave the Dojo.

2. Bow to the Sensei (Teacher) as he/she enters or leaves the Dojo.

3. Follow the formal opening and closing ceremony as explained in class whenever you practice.

4. Do not talk during instruction or practice.

5. If you understand a command or instruction, reply with the Japanese word "Hai!". If you do not understand, raise your hand immediately.

6. The Teacher is addressed as "Sensei" in class.

7. Black belt instructors are addressed as "Sempai".

8. When you bring a visitor to class always introduce the visitor to the Sensei as soon as possible.

9. All students must follow the basic rules of good hygiene. Bathe regularly, cut fingernails and toe-nails and wash your practice clothing as needed.

10. The only DoGis to be worn in class are all WHITE with the appropriate Shito-Ryu rank belts and the Mabuni mon.

11. The Karate Dojo is like a family. Therefore, treat one another with respect and courtesy, as Brothers and Sisters. Work hard and give each other a good practice, but pay attention to safety !



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