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This web site has been constructed to act as an information resource center for students of Seito Shito-Ryu Karate-Do. The essential curriculum, kata syllabus and various practice formats can all be accessed by clicking on the hot links on the left side of the page.

Also listed are web pages for each of the major Seito Shito Ryu teachers (shihan) on the East Coast of America. The dojos are listed by geographical location. Please click on the appropriate link to get information on that dojo or an email link to the dojo director.


Santa Barbara Gasshaku 2018

The Santa Barbara, California dojo is hosting a special Gasshaku

October 5 - 7, 2018

Contact John Bartholomay Shihan for more details.


12th International Seito Shito-Ryu Taikai

The next international gathering of the members of the Seito Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Kai

will be held in Perth, Australia.

Date: July 26 - 30, 2019

Contact your Shihan for more details


Contact the General Secretary for the Nipoon Karate-Do Kai

Kazuo Sakai Shihan
1-9-2 Koyo Dai
Japan 648-0099


Special Trainings in New York

Special seminars will be held periodically

@ the Dewey Martial Arts Center


Dr. Dudley G. Moon

Albany Dojo Location:

Dewey Martial Arts Center

3 Normanskill Boulevard

Delmar, New York 12054


If you have questions please contact Dr. Moon

via email at :

or at :




Albany Dojo, New York

Utica Dojo, New York

Groton Dojo, Massachusetts

Mt. Holyoke Dojo, Massachusetts

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